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FPRO™ Kids Playmaker Football Training App: Train With Professional Coaches

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"FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat helps young players to improve their skills in a fun and easy way."
- Darius J - Certified UEFA B coach

The FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat is an essential tool for individuals seeking to enhance their technique. Our mission is to establish a daily training habit of at least 20-30 minutes at home.

Our comprehensive training program encompasses all fundamental technical elements, organized into three levels. Beginners can easily acquire skills by following the lines and numbers on the mat and accessing tutorial videos. Advanced players can refine their ball control with level 2 drills, while level 3 offers an opportunity to master football technique.

3 key benefits

train anytime, anywhere

Practice anywhere with the FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat. Just a 2x2 meter space and a device for our training videos is all you need, from your bedroom to your living room.

Train while others rest

Train for at least 20 minutes daily. In a year, that's over 120 hours of extra training, propelling your progress to new heights.

Pov angle

POV demonstrations provide players with a deeper understanding of skills by offering more detailed perspectives and insights.

WHAT's included?

Here's what you get after purchasing FPRO™ Training Program only:

Ball mastery mat

Durable and High-Quality: Our mat is built to last, providing long-lasting performance and superior quality for optimal training sessions. Its friction-resistant design ensures smooth ball movement, allowing you to focus on skill improvement without unnecessary hindrance.

Travel bag

The perfect companion for taking your mat wherever you go.
With our Traveling Bag, you can easily transport your mat to any location of your choice. Whether you're heading on a vacation, the bag provides a hassle-free way to carry your mat with you.
Experience the freedom and flexibility to practice your skills anytime, anywhere.


With our FPRO™ app, you'll gain valuable insights into your performance, witness your progression through XP points and the leaderboard, and have a comprehensive record of your training history on your Skill Card. It's the ultimate companion for optimizing your training experience and achieving your football goals.

Training program

Our meticulously crafted training program, designed by UEFA-certified coaches, offers over 45 challenging drills divided into three levels. Progress at your own pace, enhance your ball mastery skills, and experience a comprehensive learning journey.

"If you have no technical skill at 14, you can forget it, you will never be a football player."

- Arsene Wenger on developing a young player

What our customers say

5,000+ happy football players and their parents

As a player in competitive football, daily training time at home is very important to me. With the FPRO™ ball mastery you can improve your technique and feel for the ball. I really enjoy training with it.

Luca Groß
Dorsten, Germany

The FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat is of high quality and helps me to practice anywhere. Even when we go on vacation, you can just take the mat with you. I use the skills program on my phone. It’s simple, with clear explanations and certainly efficient. Love it!

Laila Sofie
Zaandam, Netherlands

FPRO™ is absolutely unbelievable! My Son is goalkeeper and he plays for professional academy. These days goalkeepers have to play amazing with the feet! The FPRO Ball Mastery Mat has changed my Son's playing in few weeks after he has started using it 20 mins a day. He absolutely love it! I highly recommend to this get for your child!

Piotrek Ostrowski
Penrith, UK

My son seems addicted to play with the mat. Well done, because it gets his all attention and after some practicing it went better and better. We are already fan of the product.

Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Bought this product for my son who plays 10U and I also coach in AYSO. It has definitely made a difference with footwork and ball handling skills. Great product with App training.

David Rodriguez
Los Angeles, CA

My 9 year old loves it. He was already a dominant player and I can see further improvement after using it 9 days straight. So I reckon it is good for players of all abilities.

Daniel Gibson
Speers Point, Australia


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  • Purchase the FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat
  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Enter your unique verification code.
  • Watch tutorial videos to learn new skills.

The FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat is a product designed to enhance ball control and improve footwork particularly in football. It provides a designated area with numbers and lines that assist athletes in practicing and mastering different ball control techniques. The mat serves as a training tool to help players develop better control, coordination, and agility with the ball.

The efficiency of the FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat depends on several factors, including the user's dedication, consistency in practice, and their specific training goals. The mat itself is designed to provide a structured and controlled environment for practicing ball control skills. It offers visual cues and markings that can help users improve their footwork and coordination.

However, the effectiveness of the mat ultimately relies on how effectively it is used as a training tool. Regular and focused practice, along with proper technique and guidance, are crucial for achieving optimal results. The mat can be a valuable aid in developing ball mastery skills, but its efficiency is ultimately determined by the user's commitment and the quality of their training routine.

Unlock the FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat training videos with your:

Verification code – the unique code can be found on the flyer inside the FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat package.

Simply enter the code into the training section of the FPRO™ app to unlock the training program. You can do it on your phone or tab.

FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat – high quality, long-lasting and friction resistant;

Free FPRO™ app account – for tracking your performance on your Skill Card and all the drills you need to improve your football technique;

3-Level Program – despite the player’s experience, every athlete will find drills to match their level;

50+ Trainings – every video is high quality and simple enough for players to understand and master the drills;

Traveling Bag – you can carry your mat anywhere you like;

1. XP points - Every completed drill will reward you with certain amount of XP points and earn you a specific position on the leaderboard.

2. Training time - Every minute you train will be displayed on your skill card.

3. Drills completed - All completed trainings will be displayed on your skill card.

4. Streak - Your streak reflects the number of consecutive days you have been training.

5. Leaderboard - All achievements will be collected and converted into XP (experience points), which will be reflected on your skill card and contribute to your position on the leaderboard.

6. Trophy room - Every significant achievement will be rewarded with specific trophies, which you can find in your trophy room.